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6 Shindagin Trail Maps and Easy Directions to Shindagin Hollow

Shindagin Hollow State Forest is located in Caroline, NY, about 10 miles East from Ithaca and 24 miles West from I-81 at Whitney Point. Shindagin is famous for some of the best mountain biking in NY State and is home to great birding, hiking and snowshoeing. The Finger Lakes Trail passes through Shindagin - biking is not allowed on the Finger Lakes Trail.

6 Shindagin Hollow Trail Maps

Below are 6 different trail maps to Shindagin Hollow State Forest. Just click the image or the hyper-link below the map for a higher resolution map.


2013 Shindagin Map        New Topo Trail Map         Mtn Bike Trail Map


DEC Trail and Water Map      Topo Map NYSDOT        Topo MTN Bike Trail Map

The first map, our newest map for 2013, is from Muddogs. The second, a topo map, is from fellow cyclist Vish. The third map, a bike trail map, is from; the fourth map, shows trails and water spots in Shindagin, is from the DEC's forestry division; the fifth map is a NYSDOT Topo map; the sixth map is a Topo map for the bike trails, again from Our thanks to all for sharing these maps. If you have a map, send it in and we'll post it here.

Directions to Shindagin Hollow:
Shindagin Hollow State Forest is located in Caroline, NY, about 10 miles East from Ithaca and 24 miles West from I-81 at Whitney Point.

From Ithaca: take NY 79 East for 7 miles and turn right (South) on Boiceville Rd. (if you got as far as Slaterville Springs on 79, you went too far). A half mile later Boiceville Rd ends at a T with Central Chapel Rd. Turn left at T (still south) onto Central Chapel Rd. After 2.5 miles you come to a Y intersection with Shindagin Hollow Rd and Braley Hill Rd, Shindagin Hollow is within these two roads.

Map: Ithaca to Shindagin

Map: I-81 Whitney Point to Shindagin - a review of Bicycle Trailers

Parking: There are 2 parking lots on Braley Hill Rd; 1 is a half mile in from the T on the left (just as your crest the rise); the other is 2 miles further down on the left. There is 1 parking lot on Shindagin Hollow Rd, about a half mile from the T with Braley Hill Rd. There are plenty of other informal parking spots and parking is allowed on the sides of the road.

Moutain biking is not allowed on the FLT (Finger Lakes Trail) - there are plenty of amazing choices at Shindagin for riding and the FLT is not one of them and should not be one of yours.

View Larger Map - a review of Bicycle Trailers

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